Montessori Mozarts was founded in 2005 by Ms. Maureen Harris. In 2008, due to the growing demands of the students, Montessori Mozarts – ‘Elementary’ was created to serve the needs of those wishing for more formal instruction. In 2009 our teacher mentoring program in conjunction with the University of Windsor’s Bachelor of Education Teacher Graduate Program was launched.

Our-historyMontessori Mozarts has been offering music lessons at the Children’s House Montessori daycares since their opening, and in 2013 Montessori Mozarts began offering music lessons at Lakeview Montessori School in Lakeshore.

Ms. Harris’s dedication to teaching has been recognized by her being granted national awards such as the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, as well as the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Association Hugheen Ferguson Teacher of the Year Award 2009, which was “in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the teaching profession and lifetime commitment to educating the young child”.

The teachers at Montessori Mozarts continue this legacy at our four lesson locations, and a number have distinguished themselves in competitions and performances. In addition, many of Ms. Harris’s former students hold teaching positions at recognized institutions.