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Thank you for your interest in our music program!

For your convenience, Montessori Mozarts lessons take place at Montessori centers after school or during regularly scheduled hours at a time that is agreeable to your child and teacher.  The Montessori philosophy of not interrupting the work cycle of the child is always observed and lessons are scheduled to adhere to this principle.  After school lessons are also available for those children not attending Montessori.

We currently offer music lessons at the following locations:

   Day-time and after school lessons available.

  2611 Labelle Street, Windsor, ON N9E 4G4

  Lessons available after 3pm.

  444 Advance Blvd, Emeryville (Lakeshore), ON N0R 1C0

  Lessons available after 3pm.

  6555 Malden Road, Windsor, ON N9H 1T5

  Day-time and after school lessons available.

  13797 Riverside Drive, Tecumseh, ON N8N 1B5

All our teachers are trained in the Montessori Mozart philosophy of educating. We offer a complete musical arts experience in a professional and friendly atmosphere that cultivates a lifelong passion for music.

Please search our website for further information on our program and to learn about the additional products Montessori Mozarts offers or Contact Us with questions or comments.

New to Montessori Mozarts? Make sure you check out our Complimentary Trial Lesson option for new students!