Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons for each spring and fall semester. Montessori Mozarts has a specific number of weeks on the calendar. Please plan lesson times and social engagements accordingly.

Arrive on time

It is imperative you arrive on time – the lesson will always end at its scheduled time. We are very prompt and respectful of the time and we expect students and parents to demonstrate the same respect to us.

Parents must give at least 24 hours notice if their child will be absent or miss a lesson; otherwise a make up lesson will not be arranged or given. Only under legitimate circumstances will this policy be waived.


In the event of an emergency, or if the student is unable to attend their lesson for other reasons, please contact our office administrator or the student’s teacher as soon as possible

Missed Lessons

Missed lessons can be completed through our Master Class series through-out the year.

PD/PA Days: Lessons taking place at our Montessori locations on PD/PA days continue as scheduled. School buildings remain open on these days. If the student will be absent and has given sufficient notice to the teacher, a make-up lesson may be arranged according to the teacher’s availability. Otherwise, the usual 24h cancellation policy still applies.