Montessori Mozarts E-Course

Unit 2: Montessori Musical Environment

This unit will introduce you to the Montessori Mozarts curriculum!

Montessori Mozarts is a 10-month program running from September-June, and the lessons are arranged according to month. This unit will take you through songs and special tips, specific to each month of the program.

We recommend that you take a moment to subscribe to our Montessori Mozarts YouTube channel, where we offer monthly playlists which allow you to easily integrate our songs into your teaching.

As you are introduced to these new songs, your goal should be to become familiar and to understand the learning goals of each one. This is why we offer a Song Tips video to accompany each song, outlining the way it should be used and what to focus on in the lesson.

Remember that you will also have more time in the classroom to get comfortable with the notes and lyrics, so don’t worry if you haven’t mastered them all by the end of this unit!

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