Attendance and Make up Lessons



Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons for each spring and fall semester. Montessori Mozarts has a specific number of weeks on the calendar. Please plan lesson times and social engagements accordingly.

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Arrive on time

It is imperative you arrive on time - the lesson will always end at its scheduled time. We are very prompt and respectful of the time and we expect students and parents to demonstrate the same respect to us.


In event of


In the event of an emergency, or if the student is unable to attend their lesson for other reasons, please contact our office administrator or the student’s teacher as soon as possible at

Parents must give at least 24 hours notice if their child will be absent or miss a lesson; otherwise a make up lesson will not be arranged or given. Only under legitimate circumstances will this policy be waived.


Missed Lessons

Missed lessons can be rescheduled as virtual lessons at a time that is convenient for both teacher and student. Face-to-face make up lessons are scheduled when there is availability during the school year, or during March break and the summer months.

PD/PA Days


PD/PA Days: Lessons taking place at our Montessori locations on PD/PA days continue as scheduled. School buildings remain open on these days. If the student will be absent and has given sufficient notice to the teacher, a make-up lesson may be arranged according to the teacher’s availability. Otherwise, the usual 24h cancellation policy still applies.

Expectations and responsibilities

Our Teacher’s Expectations and Responsibilities


Guide each student to a greater understanding and enjoyment of music.

Guide each student towards an awareness of their capabilities – clearly communicating short-term and long-term goals and celebrating successes as they come.


Guide each student towards Musical Independence and Initiative through a balanced program of theory, technique and repertoire.

  • Theory: Studying the foundations of music.

  • Technique: The physical mechanics of playing an instrument.

  • Repertoire: A list of pieces to be learned.


Report the progress of the student to the parent, listen to any concerns and answer any questions that the parent and student may have.

Students Expectations and Responsibilities

Schedule 15-30 minutes of practice for at least five days per week (if taking private lessons). Two of those days must include the day of and the day after the lesson. Practice steps are communicated during the lesson and written in the lesson notebook.


Complete all assignments the teacher has written in the student’s lesson notebook 

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Arrive promptly at your lesson time with all relevant music books and notebooks


If questions arise, be sure to ask them during lessons; your teacher wants you to understand your assignments for the week.

Parents’ Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Encourage progress. Many small steps throughout the year yield big results!

  • Remind your child of daily practice and help them schedule it in their daily routine.

  • Provide a practice environment that is free from interruptions.

  • Be financially responsible and pay tuition on time. Late payments may result in late fees.

  • Communicate any questions or concerns you have regarding your child’s lessons with the teacher.




The most important time for the student to practice is immediately following the lesson. Research indicates that retention rate is as high as 90% on the first day. But if the student waits even 24 hours, retention drops to almost 60%. 

We at Montessori Mozarts say aim for five or six practice sessions a week. If a student has 30 minute lessons, a good daily practice session would last between 15 and 20 minutes. If a student has a 45 minute lesson, a good daily practice session would last between 30 and 45 minutes. And remember: playing is not practicing!

You get out of it what you put into it – if you are consistent, the results will speak for themselves!


Parents with children in the Royal Conservatory examination levels may purchase their child’s music books at one of several locations. Purchase options will be provided by their child’s music teacher when new books are required. Montessori Mozarts will cover all beginner music books.