What is the Montessori Mozarts teacher training course?

Montessori Mozarts is a research-based Montessori music program designed to be incorporated into the Montessori classroom. The Montessori Mozarts online teacher training course aims to instill musical knowledge, repertoire, and confidence in the Montessori instructor. The guidance of an experienced instructor, combined with over 100 tutorial videos and songs, make this course a valuable asset to any Montessori teacher looking to expand his or her skill set and bring the love of music to students.

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Homeschooling Parents

With many parents turning to homeschooling this year, we have also made adaptations to the course to allow parents to teach Montessori music at home! If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to bring Montessori education into your child’s life. The Montessori Mozarts program is approachable, created with the non-musician in mind. Learn to offer your child a quality music education at home, built on the world’s only research-based Montessori music program!

Click here to view the full Course Description and Outline (for Homeschooling Parents)

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What does the course include?

  • Guidance and feedback from Prof. Harris, Montessori music expert, researcher, and creator of the Montessori Mozarts program
  • 4 modules, each requiring 3 hours of self-guided study (along with professional development hours at select institutions)
  • 50+ songs, each including an audio recording and a video providing demonstrations and tips
  • Lyric book
  • Text excerpts, knowledge checks, and assignments
  • Final project, complete with instructor feedback
  • Additional resources for independent continuing professional development
  • A Montessori music certification, demonstrating your knowledge and abilities
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If you are a teacher training center interested in purchasing multiple teacher accounts at a discounted rate, please contact us at registration@montessorimozarts.com.