We believe...

Music instruction is most effective when tailored to the individual student.

In-person lessons may take place at Montessori centers after school or during regularly scheduled hours at a time that is agreeable to your child and teacher.

Contact us at 519-564-8862 or maureen@montessorimozarts.com to get started on your musical journey! We will respond within one business day.

Ages 4+

Private Lessons

Our tailored private lessons are held weekly and can be scheduled in 30min to one hour lessons. These lessons are designed for each individual student as no two students learn the same. Throughout the year, we host 3 recitals giving our students performance opportunities, builds self-confidence and brings our families together to celebrate their love for music.

Every lesson deals with all aspects dictated by the Royal Conservatory of Music piano or vocal curriculum and if followed, is guaranteed to produce successful results. The intention is to introduce and prepare students for the future while enjoying and exploring the creative aspect of music.

Ages 1 to 6

Mozart Group Classes – Music & Movement

Awaken and develop your child’s inborn musicality! Mozart Group Classes are an active, joyful music-making program that gives your child the skills to make music from birth. Singing, moving, listening, and playing simple instruments and music games are so much fun when we do them together!

These classes are fun-filled, half-hour weekly lessons of rhythm and song that can increase your young child’s mathematical potential while letting their creative nature free.

This class features language development through singing, creative movement, rhythm ensembles and basic musical concepts, while also integrating both oral and written skills.

Ages 6+


Designed by our very own, Leah Harris, JamBeat! is our brand new music technology class through which students are introduced to some exciting online new tools.

This course has provided a great new option for students looking for a new type of engagement with music, as well as those looking to advance their current musical passions.

All Ages

Virtual Classes

We offer virtual private lessons for piano, voice, and guitar, as well as group lessons for all ages. Students between the ages of 1 and 6 can join for our group music and movement classes, and those ages 6 and above can join for group JamBeat! technology lessons.
We even offer classes for older students interested in mastering social media, digital branding, and virtual performance.

This new virtual option may have been introduced during the pandemic, but our gifted teachers have been incorporating technology, educational apps, and digital learning into their music instruction for years.

In a world where musicianship and technology become increasingly intertwined, we believe that more exposure to online tools is an added benefit for our students.