Our Philosophy

The culmination of piano and vocal performance; studio teaching; student mentoring; and many years teaching young Montessori students led to the design and philosophy behind Montessori Mozarts.

Our Philosophy

We believe there is music in every person, and that through the gift of music all people can become happier, more confident and more creative human beings!

At Montessori Mozarts, our philosophy is to provide a warm and supportive environment in which all students can explore the world of music with confidence and joy that cultivates a lifelong passion for music. We want our students to enter and leave their music lessons happy and confident and excited for their next music lesson!

Young students are introduced to music in a fun-filled group class based on the Montessori philosophy of education. Elementary students move on to more structured piano, vocal or theory lessons following the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.

Students will have the opportunity to enhance their presentation and performance skills while appreciating the gift of music. We have found that, with the right curriculum and teaching expert, virtual learning can accomplish the same goals as in-person instruction. In a world where musicianship and technology become increasingly intertwined, we believe that more exposure to online tools is an added benefit for our students.