Welcome to the Teacher’s Area

In this area you will find:

1) Teacher Service Agreement and Tax Sheet– both forms must be filled out yearly before you begin teaching.

2) Guidelines – for your reference and education!

  • Montessori Mozarts Teacher Guidelines and Responsibilities
  • Montessori Mozarts Piano Guidelines
  • Montessori Mozarts Voice Guidelines (with two accompanying attachments and a number of warm up MP3’s)

 3) Other Documents

  • Two blank Word docs with our logo on them . You can print them off and write on them, OR  type into and print to use for notes home to the parents.
  • A Parent Book List Letter Template – to be used when letting parents know what books they need to buy for their child’s lessons (wording can be modified as needed).
  • The RCM Piano Syllabus

4)  Forum– with a link to our Teacher Facebook Page- where you can have conversations with all of our teachers.

*If you have any music worksheets, handouts etc you feel the other teachers could benefit from- please pass them along to office@montessorimozarts and they can be added to the teacher area.