Our Teacher Training E-Course is Now Live!

We are excited to have now officially launched our Montessori Mozarts teacher training e-course. The perfect addition to your teacher training curriculum, this online course trains teachers on our research based Montessori music program. Teachers who graduate with the Montessori Mozarts certification are more well-rounded and confident in their abilities to include music and movement and sensorial bell presentations in their classroom instruction.

What does the course include?

  • E-book outlining the Montessori Mozarts philosophy and research
  • Lesson plans
  • Tutorial videos
  • Audio tracks for sing-along
  • Assignments and unit-end examinations
  • Final project (to be assessed by a Montessori expert)
  • Additional resources
  • Pocket-sized lyric book

How can the course be incorporated into the training center curriculum?

  • The Montessori Mozarts course is built to follow the AMS online course structure and can be incorporated in the same way.
  • The course timeline is mainly self-paced, but all final projects will be assessed by a Montessori expert at the end of the second semester.
  • When used in the classroom, the Montessori Mozarts program provides content which lasts from September until June.

Teacher Training Center Packages are available and offer discounts with the purchase of multiple teacher accounts. Please contact us at registration@montessorimozarts.com to discuss the needs of your center.

In the meantime, check out our introductory video!