Prof. Harris, founder and director of Montessori Mozarts, offers seminars and workshops to interested educators and schools, and is also available for speaking engagements.

Her seminars give educators an understanding of Montessori Mozarts and its practical application in a Montessori early-music setting. Educators will also develop teaching and musical skills to enable them to use the Montessori Mozarts program in their teaching. Her workshops will include lectures and practical experience.

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These courses are designed to help every Montessori teacher, regardless of musical background, feel confident and secure in teaching music to the young child.

MONTESSORI MOZARTS – casa (3-5 years)

The techniques demonstrated in these courses are based on the latest research on children’s creative thinking in music.

MONTESSORI MOZARTS – elementary (6-9 years)

These courses are an overview of Montessori music – including listening, music history and literature, singing, rhythm, pitch, notation, movement and creativity for the elementary child.

To inquire about the workshops/seminars offered, or to sign up and design a workshop with Prof. Harris to fit your specific needs, please email

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