Virtual Lessons

Montessori Mozarts is excited to now be offering virtual lessons! This new option may have been introduced during quarantine, but our gifted teachers have been incorporating technology, educational apps, and digital learning into their music instruction for years.

We have found that, with the right curriculum and teaching expert, virtual learning can accomplish the same goals as in-person instruction. In a world where musicianship and technology become increasingly intertwined, we believe that more exposure to online tools is an added benefit for our students.

We offer virtual private lessons for piano, voice, and guitar, as well as group lessons for all ages. Students between the ages of 1 and 6 can join for our group music and movement classes, and those ages 6 and above can join for group JamBeat technology lessons. We even offer classes for older students interested in mastering social media, digital branding, and virtual performance.

At Montessori Mozarts, we believe that music instruction is most effective when tailored to the individual student. It was for this reason that we hired innovative, versatile teachers who have the skill set needed to help reach the goals of each unique student.

Email us at to sign up for your virtual lessons!