When Music Meets Technology

2020 has been THE year of virtual learning. Students around the globe have been replacing face-to-face instruction with digital solutions. In some cases, this has been a difficult adjustment. Going from in-person to virtual is a big change!

Luckily, our teachers at Montessori Mozarts have always understood the importance of technology. Our instructors are familiar not only with the most advanced methodologies on traditional instruction, but also with the ins and outs of distance learning, digital tools, and even social media. Three years ago, we first launched our JamBeat music class, designed to engage students who responded better to gamified music education. This course followed the Rock Star Camp we have been offering for over a decade, which provides students with all the necessary knowledge and resources needed to create their first demo recordings.

When it comes to early childhood learning, we understand that distance learning is a whole new experience. How have all the young students around the world managed to change from in-person to distance learning in 2020? Well, the answers are all over the map, as is each individual student’s unique experience. At Montessori Mozarts, we have developed lessons designed to engage even the youngest of learners. Tailored to each individual student’s needs, we offer a wide variety of options to ensure that digital instruction is both effective and fun.

Many things have come to a halt this year, but that doesn’t mean that high-quality music education needs to. Contact us to learn more about how Montessori Mozarts can offer distance learning opportunities to meet the needs of your unique child! You can also watch this video to learn more about this summer’s Virtual Music Camp!