We make it easy for children to gain musical education and experience:

For your convenience, Montessori Mozarts music lessons take place at Montessori daycares and schools in Windsor, LaSalle and Lakeshore ON after school, or during regularly scheduled school hours at a time that is agreeable to your child and teacher.

For a full list of our locations please click here.

Our music teachers teach lessons at the locations, and can pick your children up from their classroom-if attending the location- and take them back after the music lesson.

Afterschool lessons are also available for children who do not attend Montessori, but live near one of our locations.

Why choose Montessori Mozarts

We offer a variety of music lesson options from introductory toddler group classes to private lessons for your child to participate in. For a list of the lessons we offer, please click here.

At Montessori Mozarts, it’s all about the student:

Your child’s musical experiences and learning are very important to us. At Montessori Mozarts, our philosophy is to provide a warm and supportive environment in which all students can explore the world of music with confidence and joy that cultivates a lifelong passion for music.

Therefore, you child’s interests and passions play a huge role in the material selection and development of their music lessons. Our teacher’s goal is to ensure their students enter and leave their lessons happy and confident, and are excited to for their music lessons week!

Why take advantage of adding music to your child’s life?

Music engages children physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. An interesting article in Parents Magazine describes learning through the arts class:

“For example, the class is gathered at one end of the gym and the children are walking around in a tight little clump beating time to a deliberate drumbeat. Suddenly the beat quickens and the children begin to spread out across the gym. What are they studying? Energy transfer! The students are water molecules being heated up by a uranium bundle in a nuclear power plant. (When water is heated, each molecule moves more quickly and further apart from the others, – a change in movement which was signaled by the drum). Later in the lesson the children shuffle along the floor, representing electrons moving along power lines. Then they pretend to be atoms joining together and breaking apart, and chant a rap about the pros and cons of various energy sources – all of this while engaging in musical accompaniment.” Hoffman (2003).

Montessori Mozarts provides opportunities for our students to pay attention to relationships, work on creative thinking, problem solving, risk-taking, teamwork and communication – precisely the tools the workforce of tomorrow will need.

At Montessori Mozarts, we encourage our students to master these skills through quality education today in preparation to succeed in their highly competitive business careers tomorrow.

See University research predicting 90th – 99th percentile mathematic scores for children studying Montessori Mozarts